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Conferences/Seminars/Kick-offs/Expos/Galas//Jubilees etc.


Larger meetings and events are often a big investment for companies but are too often executed without a clear business advantage. These are the questions we ask our clients before starting the idea and concept work required to create a relevant program:

Do you have a clear goal to achieve with the event?

What do you want the participants to feel and know during the event and what should they do after?

What is the desired outcome? What is the format of the meeting? Is there room for participant activation and inspiration? Is there a good balance between serious content and fun activities?

How do we bring the energy from the event forward when everyone is back home? We can support you through the whole process, from clarifying the purpose and goal to idea/concept, programming, execution and follow-up. We are experts at practical and logistic project management, message/content, meeting format, dialogue/interaction, decoration/technical solutions, team building activities, entertainment and much more.


Our close cooperation with the major hotels offers you access to great conference spaces, good food and lodging and first class service.

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