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Management team, board of directors, partnership group


Does your vision provide a clear and inspiring direction for your growth?

Do your strategies work towards your vision, your goals, your business concept and your brand?

Does your internal culture support your business?

Do you have a clear profile and identity?

What is your promise and do you deliver on it?


These are the important questions that challenge management teams, boards of directors and partnership groups. More time for strategy discussions are a key to success. And leaving the city and coming to Åre is the correct decision. Here you will find a rich variety of team building activities in an inspiring natural environment that boosts ideation, afterthought and reflection. In addition to practical and logistical project management for travel, accommodation, restaurant bookings and activity planning, Åre Konferens & Event also are pros in process management. Experts at facilitating dialogue and developing strategic questions. Each such exercise is tailored to fit your needs, whether it is half a day or across multiple days. Let us help you streamline your process and increase the value and results of your next business development meeting.



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